Dr. Jill W. Verlander











   Dr. Verlander has more than twenty years of experience in biological ultrastructural research. Her research has focused on structure-function studies of the mammalian kidney, examining the structural basis for regulation of acid-base and electrolyte excretion by specific renal epithelial cells. These studies have employed transmission and scanning electron microscopy, morphometric analyses, and immunolocalization using both immunogold and immunoperoxidase techniques at both the electron microscopic and light microscopic level. She currently participates in original renal research in collaboration with investigators both at the University of Florida as well as other institutions.
   She is an author of numerous scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Clinical Investigation, the American Journal of Physiology, the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, and Kidney International. In addition, Dr. Verlander is an author of several book chapters and review articles regarding the ultrastructure of the kidney, as well as renal physiology. 
   Dr. Verlander is responsible for the overall operation and scientific direction of the COM EM Core Facility and is directly involved in the day-to-day operation of the laboratory. She consults with facility users as well as with the COM EM Core technical staff to determine the best approaches to individual research questions, advises on experimental design, develops new procedures, assists users in evaluating samples, and assists in trouble-shooting problems with experiments and procedures.


Dr. Sharon Matthews
Electron Microscopist

    Dr. Matthews received her Ph.D. from University of Florida. She has over thirty years of experience in electron microscopy, including transmission and scanning electron microscopy of both animal and plant tissues.  She consults with users to help determine the best approach to individual projects, processes tissue for light and electron microscopy, and produces images for study and for publications. She performs immunoperoxidase and immunogold localization experiments, morphometric analyses, and also teaches users electron microscopy procedures.


Mr. George Kasnic
Electron Microscopist


   Mr. Kasnic received a bachelor's degree in biology from Temple University and has more than forty years of experience using electron microscopy for both clinical diagnostics and for basic research.  He has extensive experience in the morphology of renal disease and cancer pathology. Mr Kasnic consults with new users on the best approach to their projects and provides expert technical services, teaching, and imaging of samples.

Florence Whitehill




Cherry Tolentino



Mark Tolentino





Florence Whitehill received her bachelor's degree from UF in 2010 and is now enrolled in the UF College of Veterinary Medicine. She continues to participate in research in the EM Core Facility, primarily contributing to immunohistochemistry and immunogold studies of epithelial ion transporters.


Cherry Tolentino is a UF undergaduate and a student assistant in the EM Core. She is primarily responsible for invoicing for services and contributes to general laboratory maintenance.


Mark Tolentino is a UF undergraduate majoring in Biomedical Engineering.and a student assistant in the EM Core. He contributes to general laboratory maintenance and managing this website.




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